Due to unexpected expenses, this site will be taken offline December 8th. Thanks for your visits and supports. If you wish to contact me, my new email is poetkath @ gmail.com (remove spaces).

Welcome to Compu-Tot-Games. Browse the games using the links to each style of game to the right. Some games are free (yes, I said FREE). Others cost very little. I made these games to be enjoyed not to get rich. The cost listed is based on how much time and coding was needed to make the game work as I wanted. Most of them were easy for me so the highest price is $4.00 for one copy of the game. I hope you will respect me enough to not make copies of the games except for the free ones. All games are copyrighted and making copies is a violation of the copyright law. The free games are free and can be redistributed as long as there is no charge for them.

I have a series of games I call "The Picture This Series". They are the games I've made but they use photos the buyer sends me. Price varies depending on game and number of photos emailed to me to use. I will upload some of those as soon as I can.

Please note that some of the computer games do not work on Windows 8.1 and may not work in Windows 10 (I haven't tested them in Windows 10 yet). I will be redoing those games as I discover the ones that don't work. I will work on these games so they will work on both newer versions of Windows. Thanks for your patience while I fix this.